Watershed in the web

Scores of groups and organizations have a stake in the Potomac. Each makes a special contribution to increasing our knowledge and protecting the river. Organized here under different headings are some of the websites that I’ve found useful.

Potomac Riverkeeper Network

The non-profit Potomac Riverkeeper Network is a waders-in-the-river group that works closely with community groups, identifies violations that affect the river, and advocates for the river to public officials and in the courts. The network consists of the Upper Potomac Riverkeeper West Virginia to Harper’s Ferry, the Shenandoah Riverkeeper, and the Potomac Riverkeeper (the mainstem from Harper’s Ferry to Washington, D.C.).

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

The Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin conducts studies, makes evaluations, and advises on issues involving drinking and water resources, water quality, aquatic life, and education. The commission was authorized in 1940 as a way to address extreme pollution affecting the river at the time and in recognition that solutions to the problem required coordinated actions by all of the states in the watershed. These states are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.