The mission statement

Actually there are two. Take your pick.

One mission statement. The purpose of this website is to present a comprehensive overview of the Potomac River watershed that can frame discussion on  the human and natural dimensions of the resource as well as highlight approaches to the formulation of policies on sustainability, climate change adaptation, measures to mitigate the anticipated effects of increasing resource uncertainty, and viable approachs for encouraging the formation of public and private sector partnerships to address challenges going forward.

The other mission statement. This website is about the Potomac River as I have come to know it. The Potomac is a river of great beauty, but also of surprises and many secrets. My explorations in its waters and along its shores  have changed the way I think about the river, and about other things as well. Yet I still cling to at least some of my unfounded beliefs and pet peeves, so this website is also about me.

Welcome to our website.

A dedication. I would like to dedicate this website to Patowmack the Trickster, who has always urged me to follow my curiosity wherever it might lead. Patowmack the Trickster also has been my partner in writing and editing these articles. Any errors in fact or interpretation are his. Likewise misspelings, typos, and faulty grammar. Tricksters can be useful in many ways.

Sometimes these writings will mention the trickster by name. But most of the time he will just be lurking about, making rude noises and calling out taunts and insults. As you will see, he will take many forms. Mostly he will take the shape of his eponymous river. But the very next sentence he might turn into a catfish, a heron, a beetle, or even a person. He’s an opportunist, so you just never know.

And finally. . . Ignoring the trickster’s advice, I’ve been pretty careful about identifying sources for my information. In some cases these are people I have met. In other cases they are books, articles, and scientific papers, many of which are obscure, but all of which are written by people of dedication and deep knowledge about the Potomac and its watershed.

Go out and do some exploring yourself. Take the trickster along, if you can find him. When you come across something interesting or unexpected, we’d love to hear about it.